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DISCUSSION: Your vacation

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Отправлено 21 February 2007 - 02:48

Next discussion will be on Monday 26.02.07; 16:00 GMT (Moscow - 19:00)

Topic: Your vacation
Where do you like to go for vacation? How often do you get to go on vacation? Who do you take with you on vacation? We would like to hear all about your vacation experiences and your vacation dreams!

How you can join to discussion:
- you have to have microphone
- you have to install Skype (skype.com)
- you have to mail me your Skype name and real name (if you participate for the first time)
- you have to let me know that you want to join (here or on the email)

About Skype - http://www.skypeclub.ru/skype.htm
Download Skype - http://www.skype.com...helloagain.html
Skype Help - http://www.skype.com...ru/help/guides/

P.S. First, I've got a lot of emails about problems with Skype. I can help you to install it and to use it, just let me know if you need help. Second, if you want to participate in a discussion, please let me know as quickly as you can. We have only 4 places for discussion and unfortunately last time few people couldn't joint to us.

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